How to Layout Your CV

Whilst CVs are no longer required for many job applications (In the UK – Foundation Programme and Specialist Training), CVs are still important for other areas of a surgical career, such as when applying for electives, grants, fellowships and awards. It is also a good way to keep track of your achievements, ensuring that none of your hard work gets forgotten over time! There is much debate over what and where to put achievements on your CV, but the main point is to ensure that it showcases you and your skills in the best light. The list of suggested headings written below is by no means prescriptive, but a suggestion of where you can get started. It is never too early to start writing your CV, as you never know when you might be required to send it to somebody! The act of writing things down under the suggested heading will also highlight areas where you are strong and where you can improve – something you may not have been aware of.

Suggested CV headings:

Personal Details
Career Statement
Education and Qualifications
Future and Present Position
Career History
Audit and Quality Improvement Work
Management and Leadership
Prizes and Awards
Posters and Presentations
Teaching Experience
Training Courses and Educational Symposia
Information Technology Skills
Professional and Society Memberships
Personal Interests